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Many ask us what our patent consists of and how it is applied to the food sector. Let's start by saying that ours is a utility model patent. In other words, what we have protected is a process and not a product.

Through this process we are able to cook our dishes, combined with certain tools all over the world, without these changing their flavor or aroma, maintaining the same constants. Furthermore, thanks to this process we are able to have anyone cook our dishes, obtaining a constant result.

Another strongly characterizing element is the speed with which we are able to complete the cooking of our dishes.

Below is an example that makes clear the reason for our speed.

cucina Michelchef.png


This process brings countless advantages in catering 2.0 that we are about to discover, accelerated by the pandemic but not only. Today there are several situations that create obstacles to the development of business in the food sector.

Our strengths are:

1. We can cook anywhere you don't need a chimney

2. You don't need to be a Chef

3. There is no waste

4. No stress (standardized processes)

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